Monday, April 11, 2011

Ready for Spring (cleaning)

I'm at the end of a two week push, one of those weeks when something is on the schedule every single evening.  Thank goodness for the rainy day that cancelled Doug's track meet one night, but Hannah promptly reminded us that the introduction to junior high was that evening, and we'd lost the paperwork that was sent, so she and I went out that night, too.

My brain feels mushy today.  I went back to bed this morning when Garion kindly decided to sleep in and Olivia decided she would love to watch High School Musical. I'm oddly satisfied by things like folding the four loads of laundry that are cluttering up the hallway and finding a section of the kitchen counter under all the dishes that have been piling up.  I think I could take another nap, but I don't really need it, so I'm trying to decide what put-off project I should resume for naptime.

It's an amazingly beautiful, sunshiney day.  It makes me want to throw open all the windows and clean everything!  I look around and there is stuff everywhere!  Time for a purge and cleanse!

It's not just in our house that things get put off when we're busy.  I know I put off dealing with stuff inside of me because I don't have time to think about it.  When issues come to mind, I shove them down, not having the energy to even look at them.  I think I'm ready to do some spring cleaning inside me, too.  I want to try to look at myself with clear eyes, to see how I really am and not how I convince myself I am.  No excuses, no defensiveness.  I need a healthy dose of reality and honesty to spur me on to grow.

I also need to start working on my eating habits and exercise routines again, but I know that all these things go hand in hand.  My physical behaviors are connected to my emotional and spiritual condition, which directly affect my home and the people who live there.  Like it or not, I am one of the keystones of my family and my attitude often sets the tone for everyone.

So let's start shoving the junk out, letting the light in, and rejoice in this season of renewal.