Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Two weeks of success!

Since joining Weight Watchers, I've lost about 9 pounds in 2 weeks!  Now, I don't think I will continue to lose that much each week, but it's been such an encouragement to have that come off easily.  Even more encouraging is that I feel like God is working on my attitude toward food.  I am finding it easier to fight my emotional desires to eat, believing the truth that food isn't really what I need, just a substitute for something else I'm craving.

Yesterday, I was hungry physically, but also had lots of emotional cravings, which caused me to overeat somewhat.  And afterwards, I stepped back and realized I did not feel better at all.  I didn't beat myself up over it because I can still work my point count for the week and be okay (if I can get some exercise in), but it's important to remember how disappointed and unsatisfied eating that extra brownie really was.  Maybe if it had been the pumpkin pie blizzard I was really craving....fortunately they aren't out yet (and fortunately they have the new mini size).

I love that my pants fit better.  I love that I have cheekbones.  I am looking forward to more good things to come as I get healthier and slimmer.

Today was a tough day, but it could have been so much worse, and as I look back over the week, I can think of so many glorious things that have happened.  So as the thunder rumbles, I'm thankful that we're all home and warm and dry and snuggling on the couch.  Squeeze your family today!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Front Door Project

I am thrilled to post my first project!  I love reading other people's blogs and seeing all their great ideas and projects, and now I get to take part!

I think my husband will just be thrilled that I finished a project (within a week of starting it, no less).

Our house has kind of an odd-looking front entrance, which is a long story we won't go into, but our front door is actually a set of french doors with glass insets.
The previous owner had put sheers over them on flimsy top and bottom curtain rods.  They came loose on the bottom a lot and got stuck in the door.  Since this is our main door for going in and out of the house, and much of our traffic is small children, this was not convenient.

I took the curtains off, but it seemed odd to have uncovered windows where anyone could look into our family room and see us prancing around naked sitting on the couch, so we needed to do something.  Inspired by another person's frosted glass doors she did for a bathroom cabinet, I decided frosting spray was the way to go.

But I didn't want to just spray the whole window--too boring, no personality--I wanted to stencil something.  I debated on several floral or leaf or branch designs, but decided putting our address on the door would be much more timeless.  It reminds me of offices who have names on the glass doors.  Plus it might make it easier for people to find our house and know that these are the front doors (not sure if that will work).

Here's how it came out:

I am very happy with it.  The frosting isn't completely even, but it looks different from different angles and is opaque enough that you can't see in at night.  I'd like to paint the front doors now--I'm thinking a nice olive green maybe (any suggestions?).

The cost for this project was only about $5!  I bought two cans of frosted glass spray paint, but only used one, and the only other thing I bought was a contact paper remnant from the thrift store for 50 cents, so if you have some leftovers laying around, you can just use that.

Here's how to achieve similar results:
Print out whatever design or letters you want on your computer.  I ended up using a font called Hiragino Kaku Gothic Std, which I believe was one included with my Mac operating system.  My letters are 475 point in size.  I also used the outline feature when printing to save ink.

I taped them up on the glass and went outside to look them, figuring out where I wanted to align the letters and if they were big enough.  Then, thinking long and hard to make sure they would face the right way once I stuck them on the window, I taped the numbers and letters onto pieces of contact paper.  Since I was spraying on the inside of the doors, I taped the letters face up on the back side of the contact paper, taping in several places so it stayed in place
Then cut out the letter, cutting through both layers.  Take your time to do this well, since the quality of your stencils depends on it.  

After washing the whole window, I used a ruler and a wet erase marker (like for an overhead) to  make a straight line for the bottom of the letters.  Peel the contact paper letters off and stick them on the window.  I used the straight line for the bottoms and eyeballed the spacing between.

Letters taped on to look at them again before peeling the contact paper and sticking.

I also taped the edges of the windows and added pieces of paper from our recycling bin to cover the wood.  I'm not sure how necessary this was, because I'm not sure what this paint would do to it since it seems to spray on clear, but I didn't want to risk it.

Edges masked, letters stuck on, ready to paint.
I chose to open the door to paint to help with the fumes.  I sprayed it completely, waited a couple minutes, then went over the whole thing again--going for slow steady strokes and even coverage.
The can said it can take 10 minutes for the frosted effect to show.  It's hard to see where you've painted because the color doesn't change right away, so it's good to wait for your second coat until you can see where the first one was heavy or light.

Once it's pretty dry (I only waited about 15 minutes), peel your letters off, take off the tape, and step outside to behold your beautiful handiwork!

Finished product

Close up of the letters

View of the house now.

I'm picturing this with a nice porch with a portico above (not in the budget right now), comfy seating, nicer lighting, and a striking front door color.  Green? Maybe red?

Thanks for letting my share my success!
Have a glorious day!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Reason to say no to myself

I love food.  I love baking.  I love eating what I bake.  I love hot bread right out of the oven.  I love chocolate and peanut butter in almost any combination.  I love feeding people who are impressed with what I've made (usually not my kids).

I do not, however, love the shape my body is right now.  I'm actually surprised at how big I am when I look in the mirror or try on clothes.  There are so many reason/excuses -- 6 pregnancies, 6 kids, hard to find time to exercise, on and on.  But I know I will be healthier and my back especially will be much happier if I lose some weight.

For a couple weeks I've been debating how much I want to do this.  The question I keep asking myself is "fat and happy or skinny and starved?"  But that's not really true.  I joined Weight Watchers on Tuesday.  They're giving away a free month if you pay for 3.  I've done the online point system before and I know it will work if I stick to it.  When I eat the points I'm allowed, I'm not starved.  But I can't binge like I want to.  I can't eat all the cookies or sit down with a container of ice cream, but that's a good thing in so many ways.  So why couldn't I just decide not to do those things?

I need a reason to tell myself no.  And when I'm paying money out of our tight budget for this, I better make it worth it.  I can still have my Pepsi One (thank heaven).  I can sit down with a small bag of microwave kettle corn and eat the whole thing when I feel like snacking.

When it comes right down to it, I don't overeat because my body physically wants me to, I do it for emotional reasons.  I'm frustrated, sad, overwhelmed, and that nice burst of deliciousness in my mouth sounds wonderful.  I'll have to think of different things to do for myself now.  Anyone else struggle this same way?  What do you do that helps you deal with your emotions (that is possible to do with little kids at home)?